The multi-channel acoustic acquisition and analysis software independently developed by PLACID can be applied to PLACID 8-channel data acquisition cards, 16-channel data acquisition cards, and various types of NI data acquisition cards. The analysis function is very rich. Can be customized according to user requirements.

SoundExpress acoustic test software is a software developed by PLACID for testing acoustic indicators. It is mainly composed of sound level meter function, sound intensity function and sound power function. Among them, the sound intensity function and sound power function are developed in accordance with the relevant standards of JJG992-2004 “Sound Intensity Meter Verification Regulations” and GB6882-6 “Acoustic Noise Source Sound Power Level Measurement Anechoic Chamber and Semi-anechoic Chamber Precision Method” Yes, the test results meet the relevant national test standards.



Sound Express acquisition and analysis software interface. It has functions for sound power, material test, sound pressure level, and sound intensity.


PLACID multi-channel data acquisition instrument, with IEPE constant current source, voltage and other power supply methods, connected to a computer via USB or network cable, real-time synchronous acquisition of signal data.

The fields of use are as follows:

  1. Motor, machine tool and other power equipment
  2. Aircraft, vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment
  3. Large structures such as bridges, buildings, dams, etc.
  4. Military fields such as aviation and aerospace