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  • PLACID Accessoires


    • Amplifier Class D
    • Input Resistance 10 K
    • Load Resistance 4-8 Ω
    • Power 2 x 25 Watt
    • S/N 104dB

    Download PLAM50 Distortion Power Amplifier Datasheet

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  • PLACID Windscreen

    Specially designed foam windshield to be used with
    1/2″ microphones for sound level meters in free field

    In situations where the wind can come from multiple,
    unpredictable directions.

    The windscreens are only intended to filter out any wind noise influence on
    the microphone, the windscreens are not designed as rain protection as the
    frequency-dependent attenuation will change when a windscreen is wet.
    For conditions in high wind environments such as a wind tunnel, we would
    suggest PLACID Nose Cone PL/NC/002



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  • PLACID PMK55 Outdoor Kit

    • Outdoor microphone housing
    • Protection class IP 55 (dust and water)
    • Easy to calibrate with a normal 1⁄2” sound
    • Directly powered and supported with ICP

    Order information:

    • Bird spike
    • Outdoor wind screen
    • Mic & protection connector
    • Tripod connector and cable protection
    • Rain cover for ½” mic

    Environmental enclosure case*

    Download PMK55 outdoor microphone housing kit datasheet

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