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PNSRTW-Mk3 Class 1 Wireless Measurement microphone (MEMS)

Measurement microphone sets / noise data logger

The PNSRT-Mk3 in an integrating sound level meter / datalogger with Class 1 accuracy, based on extremely stable MEMS microphone and build in battery and USB access.

  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Dynamic range: 30 dBA to 120 dB (A)
  • Minimum log interval 125 ms
  • 1 week recording no 1 charge, with USB charger can measure for months
  • USB connection for fast download of data
  • logging of dB(A), dB(C), dB(Z), Lmin, Lmax, Leq


Download PLACID PNSRTW-Mk3 Datasheet



Wireless Measurement Microphone Logger
The PNSRTW-Mk3 is a MEMS based wireless smart integrating sound level meter / datalogger complying with Class 1 accuracy with cloud access.



PLACID’s smart integrating sound level meter / data logger, 3rd generation, MEMS microphone, Class 1 with build in 128 MB recording, accessible with fast USB download as well as wireless data transmission. Reporting, alarms for noise monitoring, audio recording.

Running on an internal battery it can record sound levels for 1 weeks, if connected to an external USB charger or small A4 sized solar panel it can record for months.
As all PLACID microphones, the PNSRT-Mk3 comes with an individually calibration certificate.


The PNSRTW-Mk3 is a complete integrated set, in- or outdoor wireless sound level meter and/or data logger. Wireless connection build in.


Online Sound level and acoustic dose measurements and recording, monitoring of safe working conditions, activity detection and logging, noise impact studies (long term measurements), weatherproof ready to be used outdoors (no cabinet needed).

Daily usage

PLACID recommends regular calibration however MEMS microphones are extremely stable.

Individual calibration

All PLACID measurement microphones set are being calibrated in a controlled laboratory environment using traceable calibration equipment complying with ISO17025 standards.
PLACID Traceable Calibration is performed by our qualified staff and under controlled conditions according to the procedures and standards such as ISO17025.


All PLACID microphones are made of high-quality materials that will ensure long stability and durability.
PLACID offers 2 years warranty against defective materials and workmanship.


PNSRTW Mk.3 is the third generation of PLACID Instrument’s WiFi™ enabled smart integrating sound-level meters/dataloggers. It includes a digital MEMS microphone, an accurate date/time clock, a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory and wireless connectivity. Running on battery, it can record sound pressure levels and report them through WiFi™ for a week. Connected to an external USB charger it can record and report for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.


  • Type I precision
  • A, C and Z weighting
  • Integrating Sound-Level Meter, records L-max, L- min and Leq
  • Log interval adjustable from 125 ms (8 points per second) up to
  • Individual Manufacturer’s Certificate of Calibration from Convergence Instrument provided with every instrument
  • WiFi™ connectivity to report measured levels remotely and automatically at preset
  • Email alerts for sound detected over specified threshold, as well as low-battery.
  • Digital very sensitive MEMS microphone (30 dBA typical noise floor)
  • Completely sealed weatherproof enclosure designed for outdoors Now includes an ePTFE membrane that seals the microphone against dust and water.
  • All-digital
  • Ultra-stable sensitivity (field recalibration is easily done, but seldom required)
  • Very low sensitivity variation due to temperature changes
  • Very low sensitivity to vibrations
  • Software function calculates global Leq and/or dose, according to ISO and OSHA method
  • Adjustable response
  • Preprogrammed recording start date/time.
  • Integrated oscilloscope function that can show the acoustic signal in real time
  • Integrated spectral analyzer function that can show the spectrum (or 3rd-octave bands) in real time
  • Can be used as a high-quality USB digital microphone
  • Allows the observation of recorded levels while the recording is
  • Works standalone, or USB
  • Long life internal rechargeable battery that recharges from USB and most USB
  • Can be field-calibrated.
  • Observes and records 100% of the acoustic signal (no missed samples).
  • Editable individual custom ID for easier instrument management.
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memor So the instrument will regain full functionality and WiFi connection from hard-reset or battery loss.
  • Compatible with Convergence Instrument’s Cloud


  • Sound level and acoustic dose measurement and recordin
  • Monitoring of safe working condition
  • 24/7 noise monitoring on construction sit
  • Email Alerts when the noise is too
  • Activity detection and loggin
  • Long-term measurement and recording of acoustic levels for environmental impact stud
  • Specially designed for long-term outdoors application


Bandwidth20 Hz to 20kHz
Microphone SensorDigital MEMS
Precision ClassType I

Saturation Level (typical @ 1  kHz)

·     120dB-A

·     120dB-C

·     120dB-Z

Temperature ErrorBetter than 0.6 dB (-20 degC < T < 60 degC)
Sensitivity to Vibrations60 dBSPL/g (20 dB lower than typical measurement microphone)

Weighting Curve

·         dB-A

·         dB-C

·         dB-Z


Noise-Floor (Typical)

·         30 dB-A

·         46 dB-C

·         52 dB-Z

Recording Resolution0.1 dB
Duty Rate of Signal Capture100% – No MissedSamples
Min Log Interval125 ms (8 points of Lmin, Lmax and LEQ per second)
Real-Time Spectral Display2048-point Power Spectrum – dB or LinScale.
CalibrationField-calibrated using a 94 dB 1/2”calibrator
Connectivity•    USB

•    WIFI

Radio StandardIEEE 802.11 b/g/n


Radio Certification

•  FCC

•  IC

•  Japan

•  Korea

•  CE


Temperature Range-20 degC to 60 degC (-4 degF to 140 degF)
Recording MemoryNon-Volatile Flash Memory
Recording Memory Capacity (RT128 Model)
  • 128 Mb
  • Ex: can continuously record Lmax, Lmin and Leq levels at 1s intervals for 32 days, or 10s intervals for 320 days
Recording/Erasure CyclesGreater than 100 000
Data RetentionGreater than 20 Years
Dimensions19 mm x 42 mm x 160 mm (0.75” x 1.65” x 6.25”)
Weight100 g
ConstructionWeather-Proof Enclosure
Microphone Dust ProtectionExpanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) dust and water barrier
Battery TypeIntegral Li-Poly – USB-Rechargeable
Recharge Time2 H 30 (Typical)
Battery Autonomy (Full- Charge)7 days while recording
Battery Life> 300 Charge/Discharge Cycles
WiFi Security• Open
• WPA / WPA2
Server Connection• IP address/Domain Name
ProtocolTCP/IP – Open protocol


Picture below shows the typical spectral error in dB-A, dB-C and dB-Z, at 32 kHz and 48 kHz sampling rate, together with the type I limitlines.



Picture below shows the directivity of the instrument as a function of frequency


CompatibilityWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows10
Supported InstrumentsAll in Sentry series
Configuration•    Full Instrument Configuration

•    Save and Recall Configuration Files

Display•    Real-Time Acoustic Signal

•    Real-Time Sound Level






Record Management

•    Real-Time Spectrum

•    Recorded Sound Levels

•    Global Leq/Dose Calculation (ISO and OSHA methods)

•    Battery Level and Charge

•    All graphs can be viewed in dB or Lin scale

•    Record Manual Start/Stop

•    Record Programmed Start/Stop

•    Recording Memory Download (Even while recording)

•    Recording Memory Clear

•    Auto-Calculation of Memory Depth

Cloud CompatibilitySupported by PLACID Instrument’s Cloud Solution
Data Export (all graphs)Export to Tab-Delimited Format for Use with Spreadsheet Applications


Noise Sentry RT Community Noise MetricsApplication to calculate various noise metrics, suchas CNEL, LDEN, and many others.
NSRT_RecorderAllows the PNSRTW Mk.3 to be used as a digital high-quality recorder.
CloudWeb-based cloud solution so that instrument data can be reported and viewed/downloaded from anywhere in the world through Convergence Instruments Cloud service (requires a subscription)
Instrument ListenerRequired for WiFi operation when the cloud service is not used. The application must be running on PC to allow instruments to connect and download their data via WiFi.

Please Click and Download this product datasheet for further information


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