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PNSRT-Mk3 Class 1 Measurement microphone (MEMS)

Measurement microphone sets / noise data logger

The PNSRT-Mk3 in an integrating sound level meter / datalogger with Class 1 accuracy, based on extremely stable MEMS microphone and build in battery and USB access.

  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Dynamic range: 30 dBA to 120 dB (A)
  • Minimum log interval 125 ms
  • 1 week recording no 1 charge, with USB charger can measure for months
  • USB connection for fast download of data
  • logging of dB(A), dB(C), dB(Z), Lmin, Lmax, Leq


Download PLACID PNSRT-Mk3 Datasheet



Measurement Microphone Logger
The PNSRT-Mk3 is a MEMS based smart integrating sound level meter / datalogger complying with Class 1 accuracy.



PLACID’s smart integrating sound level meter / data logger, 3rd generation, MEMS microphone, Class 1 with build in 128 MB recording, accessible with fast USB download.

Running on an internal battery it can record sound levels for 1 weeks, if connected to an external USB charger or small A4 sized solar panel it can record for months.
As all PLACID microphones, the PNSRT-Mk3 comes with an individually calibration certificate.


The PNSRT-Mk3 is a complete set, ready to use as sound level meter and/or data logger.


Sound level and acoustic dose measurements and recording, monitoring of safe working conditions, activity detection and logging, noise impact studies (long term measurements), weatherproof ready to be used outdoors (no cabinet needed).

Daily usage

PLACID recommends regular calibration however MEMS microphones are extremely stable.

Individual calibration

All PLACID measurement microphones set are being calibrated in a controlled laboratory environment using traceable calibration equipment complying with ISO17025 standards.
PLACID Traceable Calibration is performed by our qualified staff and under controlled conditions according to the procedures and standards such as ISO17025.


All PLACID microphones are made of high-quality materials that will ensure long stability and durability.
PLACID offers 2 years warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

Please Click and Download this product datasheet for further information


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