Rail testing on the spot

Rail Roughness & Wave tester


This set of equipment uses a high-precision displacement meter to detect the track roughness data. The final software analysis results are used to evaluate the rail wave grinding situation.

This equipment is designed and developed according to BS EN15610: 2009, and is used for both rail roughness test of wheel rail noise and wave grinding test.

Users can choose single-point or three-point test equipment according to different test requirements. The millimeter scale ruler of the device end face and the displacement meter facilitates accurate positioning of test coordinates.

The industrial LEMO interface ensures the reliability of equipment testing and data transmission. The side main positioning wheel is flexible to adjust, which helps users to install quickly. The test host is firmly attached to the device casing through an adjustable bracket, and a single person can also complete the installation and test operations independently. The software test parameters can be customized according to the test conditions, real-time display of displacement progress and equipment travel speed, and the test file automatically increases the serial number according to the definition, eliminating the trouble of manual operation. During the test, the user can view the test waveform in real time and confirm the validity of the test at the first time.

Polygonal Wheelset Roughness Test System

Polygon Wheelset Roughness Test System

Wheelset roughness equipment is specially designed for railway locomotive wheel inspection, and can be used for engineering inspection tasks and related scientific research at the same time. This device is compact, flexible to install, and easy to use. According to different market demands, our company currently develops and generates polygonal wheelset roughness test

100KG strong magnetic base ensures the equipment is installed firmly and reliably. During the test, the user can view the test waveform in real time, and confirm the validity of the test at the first time, ensuring that the roughness of the wheel can be detected quickly and efficiently. Comes with a rechargeable battery, so that it can complete the inspection task well under complicated working conditions. The device can be used for both online inspection of complete wheels and offline inspection of individual wheels. The former can quickly assess wheel wear conditions and provide locomotive maintenance recommendations. The latter can undertake the daily quality inspection of the wheels.


  1. Polygonal measurement of rail vehicles (MUs, buses, locomotives, subways and other special vehicles)
  2. Detection and evaluation of wheel smoothness and damage.
  3. Research on wheel circumferential irregularities.