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PLACID Instruments BV is a research-oriented company mainly engaged in the research and development of acoustic measuring equipment, acoustic engineering design and acoustic vibration technology consulting. PLACID’s core business is the R & D and manufacture of measurement sensors, test systems, professional recording microphones, professional audio equipment, and acoustic vibration test systems.

We adhere to the concept of developing customer-driven products. PLACID  provides customers with professional pre-sales consulting services, develops professional measurement systems for specific environmental needs according to customer needs, or provides services for research, development, and customization of special acoustic vibration products according to customer needs.

Creativity is the purpose of PLACID to provide services to customers.

The sound is unpredictable until the sound is measured.

PLACID’s research and development team has experience in acoustic technology, electronic engineering, and software development. PLACID provides it’s customers with comprehensive, honest, wise and creative technical services. Compliance with international ISO and IEC standards such as IEC 61672 class 1 and IEC 61260 class 1, IEC 61094.


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